About us

Automata is an interdisciplinary design and fabrication studio located in BROOKLYN, NY. We work closely alongside a diverse group of designers in the product, fashion and set building industries, architects, artists, and the medical industry. Our team specializes in rapid production means including laser cutting, CNC routing, And die Cutting to serve the growing need for designers to have a wide array of concepts produced quickly and efficiently.




How we can help

Automata provides client-based services depending on your project's requirements. Whether it be making parts for a larger project, low volume production, or consulting, Automata is able to offer a complete and comprehensive approach to your needs.

Laser engraved lectern and reception desk for NYU. Check out our portfolio to see more.

Laser Cutting & Engraving

Our large format laser (51"x51") can take on almost any size project you can throw at it.

An example of our 3D printing capabilities. Check out our portfolio to see more.

Rapid Prototyping

Using the latest technology in 3D printing and CNC, we are able to produce parts or prototypes quickly and efficiently.

Dies for cutting leather, foam, rubber, or thin plastic

Die Cutting

In addition to new technology, Automata also embraces traditional processes. We can cut dies up to 20" x 24".

Kite winders for Haptic Lab. Check out our portfolio to see more.

Low Volume Production

Need 10 or 1000 of something made? Our facilities are flexible enough to allow us to tackle almost any size production job.


Super service.

Project management

Have grand ideas? Don't want the stress of negotiating with multiple contractors? Let us do the hard work for you.

Digital renderings for KleinReid.

Our experience

also includes 3D modeling and CAD, metal fabrication, machining, casting and mold making, ceramics, wood finishing, plastics, and model making. Contact us to find out more.